Pop-up windows, advertisements on website — what instead of them?

  1. Sidebar appearing on the bottom of the website,
  2. Pop-ups,
  3. Information in the website footer, invisible at first — only after scrolling down.
  1. Pop-up window cannot be displayed immediately after opening a website, in other words we cannot bombard the user with pop-ups.
  2. The window cannot be displayed while the website is loading — it should be displayed after some time.
  3. The user should not close the window in order to access the website.
  4. The size cannot be excessively large (e.g. should not cover the entire screen).
  5. The button to be used to close the window should be clearly visible.
  6. We should not cover the pop-up background — it should cover the website content to the smallest extent possible.
o2 portal
samsung poland
newspaper online
Poland the Times
onLine Games
  1. Logging in/Registration and invitation to quizzes
  2. Chat and invitation to issue opinions
  3. Confirmation of trust in the store/brand
  4. Leave for inserting advertisements
  5. Invitation to download mobile application
  6. Links to social media
  7. Invitation to read the next article
  1. Strongly contrasting advertising material.
  2. Advertising material identical with the surrounding space — imitating the website (it usually gets less clicks but larger conversion).



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